Wednesday, March 18, 2009


(Note: this is a re-post that we originally published on 11/2/2007).

I credit the GIBSON BROS for being my entrée into the world of pre-WWII blues and early country, and they hit me with a wallop when I heard their debut album around 1988. They arrived in 1986-87 at the height of indie rock’s fascination with noise, “scumrock” and SST/Homestead/Touch & Go heavy punk rock. Somehow this roots-reverent band was quickly grasped to the bosom of budding - mostly east coast - scenesters , likely due to their '86 debut 7” EP “Keepers” , which we’re posting for you today, and their '87 LP “Big Pine Boogie”’s loose-limbed Cramps-style primitivism and heavily reverbed, cranked-up guitars. The records have been seemingly lost to time, and criminally remain out of print and unavailable on CD. Their sound had a fantastic front porch feel to it, like no one’s taking the whole thing particularly seriously, and there’s a big bucket of beers beckoning nearby for consumption when the set’s wrapped up. Guitarists Don Howland, Jeff Evans and Dan Dow and drummer Ellen Hoover took their cues from the pantheon of rough-hewn American genius, from shambling Bo Diddley thumping, deep-South country a la Charlie Feathers, and pre-WWII delta blues giants like Skip James and Charley Patton. Trouser Press generously called it “intentional amateurism”, which perhaps bestows musical abilities on the band they hadn’t yet earned. But you won’t care.

Play The Gibson Bros "My Young Life"


ecm said...

thank you thank you
do you know where i might find a 7" of theirs for sale? i wanna buy one for my boyfriends birthday, having trouble finding them online!

ecm said...

actually, you know if you could even tell me where to find a cassette, that would be cool

Anonymous said...

i think gibson bros. recorded a version of angels laid him away. i m not sure if thats the correct title. there is a break in the song where some hip hop is mixed in. remember? or was it another band???

Anonymous said...

Thats "Louise Collins" from their album The Man Who Loved Couch Dancing