Sunday, March 08, 2009


(This is a re-post of our June 20th, 2008 post - by popular and overwhelming request)

I had a pretty sizable yen for a few of the short/fast garage-influenced punk rock bands of the mid/late 90s, most affiliated with Greg Lowery’s RIP OFF RECORDS – you know, Teengenerate, Loli & The Chones (more from them another time), Motards, Registrators, that whole crew. I simply took my brain out of its hinges, placed it upon the bar, picked up a beer, and proceeded to get down. The best of these records, I’m thinking, is the 1997 debut one-sided 45 from THE BRIDES, from Chicago. I saw these guys burn the house down at a “scene showcase” called The Rip Off Rumble in San Francisco with the Oblivians and I bunch of I-forgets….they were fantastic. Total snotty, punk-by-the-alphabet, lightning-fast rock and roll, the sort where you can’t help but want to get your shirt dirty a little bit from everyone else’s beer, sweat, and tears of joy. This single gives you an idea of how hot they were; their other two records were merely average, if that.

Play The Brides - "Pushed Around"

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