Thursday, March 19, 2009


This 45 came out in 1991 or so after an extended “quiet period” for THE GIBSON BROS. I actually thought they’d broken up, but then this torrent of singles started flooding out, led by this excellent one on Siltbreeze. A strange and loopy take on Rex Garvin’s “Emulsified” leads off, and then on the flip is Furry Lewis’ “Broke Down Engine”, which I remember saying at the time was the absolute best thing they’d done. I know it made its way to about 100 comp tapes I made folks in the early 90s. (The other day I was wondering what I did to fill my time when I was single, childless and with an easy job. Make compilation tapes for friends and potential lovergirls, that’s what).

I also have this great photo of guitarist/singer Don Howland with a tuff “FMLN” hat on, live at the Paradise Lounge in San Francisco, 1991. Photo courtesy of Nicole Penegor, the staff photographer on my own SUPERDOPE fanzine back then. Enjoy.

Play The Gibson Bros “Broke Down Engine”

Download THE GIBSON BROS – “Emulsified” (A-side)
Download THE GIBSON BROS – “Broke Down Engine” (B-side)


1009 said...

Thanks for these! I wrote an academic paper on Don Howland & started the "Don Howland Appreciation Society" on Facebook so you know I need a lot of help for a number of things. I've never heard these, so thanks for keeping me off the straight & narrow.

& you should know that someone bothered to scan this single:

Anonymous said...

you know jay, i was wondering sometime last week when you'd post more gibson bros.

thanks for the choice cuts an' keep up the good work

looking forward to more gibson (and flesh eaters!) -chris g

Daggerboy said...

glad I wasn't the only guy back in the early 90's who was making comp tapes for pals and potential lovergirls. :)

keep those Gibson posts coming Jay!