Friday, March 20, 2009


Our final post this week during "Detailed Twang Gibson Bros mania" is this 1991 single that came out on a great short-lived Australian label called Giant Claw. This label also put out a fantastic Gories single, and was run by a cool fella named Bruce Milne, who might even still read this blog. If so, I think I'll use a couple of Australian phrases on him right now: "Good on ya, Bruce", and "Don't mean to piss in your pocket or anything".

Wait, where were we? Oh yeah, THE GIBSON BROS put out a rash of 45s on this time, including whoppers on Siltbreeze, Sympathy and elsewhere. "My Huckleberry Friend" has a riff I'm pretty sure you're going to recognize right away, and "Old Devil", like a lot of this band's later-period B-sides, is just strange. It wasn't too long after this that the band toured the west coast of the United States, and I got to see them play live at San Francisco's Paradise Lounge, along with about 15 other people. They were outstanding - kinda surly, kinda pissed-off, maybe a little drunk, and really raw & loud as hell. Hope you've enjoyed listening to this band this week as much as I have posting their stuff for ya.

Play The Gibson Bros, "My Huckleberry Friend"


Anonymous said...

i actually liked the b-side better
great series jay

Anonymous said...

Never heard before
Many thanx

slovenlyeric said...

Thanks for posting this. I have enjoyed this stuff since I first heard it. Some of these early recordings were very hard to find even back then.

Anonymous said...

Box Set Fucking Now!!

narlus said...

this is the best song off _Memphis Sol Today!_