Tuesday, March 31, 2009


(Note - this was originally posted on Detailed Twang on 8/28/07 - I'm re-posting it because our old hosting provider took the file down).

Maybe it's old hat to you, but I just heard this 1981 EP from arty, goth, big-haired doomkings THE VIRGIN PRUNES this month, and I gotta say, one song in particular just knocked my friggin' socks off. That would be "Twenty Tens (I've Been Smoking All Night Long)", the lead song of their debut EP, the rest of which is just abominable. A stuttered, totally wacked-out PUBLIC IMAGE-esque dance macabre, with this whomping bassline & creepy-crawl guitar that's near-perfect. I remember these guys found a home in the hearts of some hardcore punk heavyweights back in the day - Jimmy Johnson at Forced Exposure & Tesco Vee of Touch and Go fanzine - and now I know why. It certainly can't be for the other stuff. The haircuts - maybe.

Play The Virgin Prunes - "Twenty Tens"

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