Tuesday, December 09, 2008


(Apologies for all the re-posts - I'll have new material up soon - but want to make sure you scoop up these songs that disappeared from their original posts when I changed hosting providers. This one originally appeared 4/20/2007.....)

There was this band THE BUNNYBRAINS that made some strange noises in the early nineties, most of which were entirely unremarkable. Legend has it that this Danbury, CT outfit still won’t give up the ghost, and continue to be an active band with only one constant member. I’m too lazy to check into it. However, in 1992 I bought a 45 of theirs, one of their first, on a recommendation from a friend that just knocked me for a loop.

Of course that would be the one I’m posting for you here, albeit just one side, because the other side as I said was entirely unremarkable. “On The Floor Again” is pure, unadulterated FLIPPER action, but even better (save for “Sex Bomb” and “Love Canal” – nothing can touch those). Creepy-crawling bass riff, oceans of static-laden feedback, great vocals, and a chorus that you’ll be chanting on the floor with your significant other this whole weekend. I bought the next few records with eager gusto after this 45 came out, yet I never found the magic key in them that made this one so goddamn special. Hope you see this one’s bleary-eyed beauty the way I do, because it’s a total classic.

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ONECHORD said...

somehow i terribly missed this post back in the day, so many thanks for reposting it! what a great tune..... and yesss, sooo flipper-esque!
and totally agree: "love canal", "sacrifice" (and sure "earthworm") are UNTOUCHABLES.
btw, doesn't have "love canal" the BEST bass intro EVER done in music history?? it turns me mad everytime i listen to it!!!! (only equal to "human garbage" by no trend......TERRIFIC).

keep doing SO AMAZING blog!

best wishes,