Tuesday, December 02, 2008


I was going to post the B-side of the SUBURBAN WIVES CLUB’s great 1982 single, “Casual Cat In A Laundromat / Guru Eye” for you today, when I realized that the place that I actually heard this thing the first time still had the mp3 files up & ready for download, in addition to some great info about this early 80s Philadelphia punk/art/disco band. Now, the A-side’s not really my thing, but “Guru Eye” – whoa. A total thumping thud of Bush Tetras/Delta 5 style funk-n-raunch, the living definition of the arty downtown version of “panic rock”. I actually remember the advertisements for this 45 in the pages of "Trouser Press". You’d be forgiven for thinking this band as being from the Lower East Side; nope, they were from an hour away, and I bet that’s cost them major opportunities to get this one comped on Soul Jazz CDs and to make it into No Wave books.

So rather than post the outstanding “Guru Eye” myself, please head over to this link from the excellent LAST DAYS OF MAN ON EARTH blog, where both tracks from the 45 are resident.

Play Suburban Wives Club - "Guru Eye"

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