Wednesday, December 03, 2008


When THE GORIES ' first "real" 45 arrived in 1991 (the other was a promo thing from their second album), they were already easily one of my favorite bands going, but I swear this masterpiece completely cemented their reputation for good. I was floored by the raw, uber-primitive, soulful garage stomp as evidenced on their two LPs ("House Rockin'" and "I Know You Fine, But How You Doin'"), and this early single on In The Red was enough to make me wanna interview them & make sure as many people as possible knew of their genius. Screw The Mummies, this was the ne plus ultra of the scene at the time (damn, I've always wanted to use that phrase). I did a mail interview with Mick, Dan & Peg that same year that was published as the cover feature in my small-run fanzine of the time called Superdope.

I totally dug the Mod Squad look to the band, the clanking I-can-barely-keep-up drumming, and the fact that they appeared to drink even harder than I did at the time. And that's saying something. In short, I admired the general cut of their jib greatly.

"Here Be The Gories" features a stunning original called "Telepathic" with that awesome descending guitar riff that starts it off, as well as a 60s punk cover called "Hate" by THE STOICS. It would please me greatly if someone heard this with fresh ears for the first time right here on Detailed Twang the way I did 17 years ago. Write me if that happens to you, OK?

Play "Telepathic" by THE GORIES

Download THE GORIES - "Telepathic" (A-side)
Download THE GORIES - "Hate" (B-side)

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Anonymous said...

Dan and I went to school together, though he left Fairfield after our freshman year. He dressed like Paul Weller so naturally he was nicknamed 'Modhead.' He used to hang out in the studio when I did my radio show. Good guy.