Monday, December 01, 2008


This long weekend I discovered two things tangentially related to Scott Soriano’s media empire that blew my mind. You’ll need to discover both of them posthaste. First, Scott posted heretofore unheard-to-me tracks from New Zealand’s GRAEME JEFFRIES, culled from his album “Messages From the Cakekitchen”, on his CRUD CRUD blog. The two tracks are incredible, moody, baroque Velvets-style mindflayers. It’s an album I believe I heard not too long after it came out in 1987, but probably wasn’t ready for at the time. Now it’s top of my must-find list. You can still download both the tracks here.

Secondly, this weekend I heard S-S Records’ XYX single, and it’s pretty much the hottest thing I’ve heard all year (sorry, Tilly and the Wall, your reign was colorful and brief). Total spastic sounds from Mexico, like a hopped-up TIMES NEW VIKING playing NOH MERCY's "Caucasian Guilt" with fried-out electronics and a crazy-ass drummer. Amazing. Scott, can you get this band to tour America, right away? The band says they still have some of these EPs available, and I promise you, you’ll thank me for this one. Click here to try and score one.

Play XYX "Nunca, Nunca" (from "Sistema de Terminacion Sexual" 7"EP")

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