Friday, December 19, 2008


We were just talking about old 60s instrumental music in this corner just the other day, weren’t we? I dropped the name of one of my favorite lost artists from that era, THE NAUTILOIDS, reminding myself in the process that it would be real nice if I exposed their two amazing songs to the people. Now, I don’t own this 1965 single, and probably never will. A Nautiloids page on the www says that “only a few are known to exist”. Both tracks are minor-key, mid-tempo stompers, and they conjure up a contemplative, staring-at-the-surf mood without resorting to any surf music clichés. They might be my favorite instrumental songs of the era. I found them on an LP-only compilation called “CONCUSSION!!!” that came out in the early 90s. The band started up in ’64 in high school in Rockville, Maryland; played the requisite “Battle of the Bands” contests that were big among the teen rock combos of the day; lasted a little over a year and then packed it in. They left behind this surf-n-stomp treasure for you to listen to on your computer 43 years later.

Play The Nautiloids “Nautiloid Reef”

Download THE NAUTILOIDS – “Nautiloid Reef” (A-side)
Download THE NAUTILOIDS – “Nautiloid Surf” (B-side)

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