Friday, October 31, 2008


A while back I posted some files from THE KENT 3 and got some pretty good feedback from the people on them. As mentioned before, this simple spaghetti-surf/garage punk/hard rock band are one the most simple & enjoyable bands in my “collection”, a band it’d be easy to ignore yet one I listen to all the time. I’m still partial to the “Spells” and “Stories of The New West” CDs, but this EP I’m posting for you today is the one that sorta woke folks up to what a great friggin’ band they’d become. See, they had this one LP from 1994 called “Screaming Youth Fantastic” that arrived with a thud, thanks to some too-rough, tuneless vocals and pretty uninspiring songs. I forgot they were even around until some Seattle friends clued me to “KENT 3 Mach II” around 1996, telling me that they were pretty much the best band in town, having ditched the vocalist and now rocking some of the strangest, funniest most obtuse lyrics around.

I bought the six-song double 45 they put out on Super Electro records in ’96 and was hooked. Moved to Seattle myself the next year, and they became my weekend live band. Saw them at The Break Room, the Sit-n-Spin, the Crocodile and elsewhere multiple times. I’m going to warn you on something, though – the first track on this one, “Basketball Medics”, is a little wacky and perhaps too cute/clever for its own good. I’d skip straight to “Satellite” and go from there, though completists always download them all. Enjoy.

Download THE KENT 3 – “Basketball Medics” (Side A)
Download THE KENT 3 – “Satellite” (Side B)
Download THE KENT 3 – “North End Bruisers” (Side C, Track 1)
Download THE KENT 3 – “Pinkland” (Side C, Track 2)
Download THE KENT 3 – “Shooting Stars” (Side D, Track 1)
Download THE KENT 3 – “North End Baby” (Side D, Track 2)

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Unknown said...

Yahoo! I love this 3x45! It will be great to hear it again! Kent 3 is great live, I wish they had toured more often, I only saw them once. The LPs are totally amazing! But, I have to agree with you when it comes to the Screaming Youth LP, it stinks. Basketball Medics is one of my favorite tunes, I have to disagree with you on that point. Thanks for the post!