Monday, October 06, 2008


This next track came from the great “CHUNKS” compilation that LA’s New Alliance records put out in 1981, featuring The Minutemen, Black Flag, The Chiefs and a bunch of the other usual suspects in the SST/New Alliance/New Underground orbit. First time I heard this snarling VOX POP track, “You’re My Favorite”, I was all, “hey, that’s 45 GRAVE”. Well, it sort of was, given that Dinah Cancer was on vocals, Don Bolles on drums and Paul B. Cutler on guitar – just like 45 GRAVE. Jeff Dahl was also involved, and if you read this great recap of the band, you’ll get a lot more information that I could ever provide. It’s probably important to note that the band lineup was never really “fixed”, so the band that made the great “Cab Driver/Just Like Your Mom” 45, with Dahl on vocals, sounds not a whole lot like the band doing “You’re My Favorite”, outside of the vaguely metal tendencies. As you can see from the aforementioned link, there’s a spectacular 12”EP on Mystic Records (!), spectacular not because the music’s any great shakes (it’s not), but because of the audacity of the cover photo of Don Bolles dangling his participle for all the world to see. Still the last taboo when it comes to album art, and probably the one thing that pops into peoples’ heads when they think of VOX POP. I just listened to “You’re My Favorite” the other day, though, registered its rulingness, and decided that you needed to hear it.

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VOX POP – “You’re My Favorite” (from 1981 “Chunks” compilation LP)


Anonymous said...

Good call - this is s total classic.

Jim H said...

Gah! You have another blog? Does Stigliano now about this?!?!?