Thursday, October 16, 2008


Here’s a brief interlude into some early 80s wackness, a track called “Mosquito” by Los Angeles performance artist JOHANNA WENT that I discovered on one of the old “HOMEWORK” compilations, and which is more properly heard on Went’s 1982 EP “Hyena”. JOHANNA WENT is mostly known to me as a woman who opened some of the early punk/art shows in LA, doing strange pieces that involved music and pre-Karen Finlay stabs at attention vis-à-vis gross-out exploitation and general insanity. The photo of her with worms pouring out of her mouth and smeared all over her face is a classic image from the “HARDCORE CALIFORNIA” punk rock history, and is always the image that springs to mind with I think of the young lass. “Mosquito” is a great buzzing minute of caterwauling nonsense vocals, vaguely dub echoes and a frantic percussion that barely rides the rails until it just – poof – disappears. I don’t know if she performed stuff like this live, but I gotta say I like it. Another proof point in the case for Los Angeles 1978-82 being pretty much the greatest, most explosive & inventive scene in rock and roll history. Who’s with me?

Play or Download JOHANNA WENT – “Mosquito” (from 1982 “Hyena” EP)


Anonymous said...

I think you might mean "wackiness." "Wackness" means it's not good.

ONECHORD said...

you won't believe it, but i was thinking of doing a post about this song by johanna went these days. plus, another incredible coincidence (i am still scratching my head!) is that this afternoon i went to the city center and decided to go shopping and look for records. and do you know which record i found out in the record shop i went? yessss, "hyena" by johanna went!!! but it was like 60 euros, and instead of purchasing it, i bought a maxi by santrra oxyd that was 6 euros xD
anyway, it's too much coincidences!!! i am still shocked :o by the way, got the "Industrial culture handbook" by re/search, and there are plenty of great pics of johanna went plus a very pleasent reading.

what a great blog you have. please, keep doing so amazing job!

best regards,
edu "jove moix"