Thursday, March 20, 2008


Getting any information on these 1979 recordings from THE FLOWERS, part of the vaunted “Earcom 1” compilation of UK stumble-and-crash DIY bands, has proven to be difficult. What I’ve managed to find through a number of complex search term combinations is that the band were Scottish, were fronted by a woman named Hillary Morrison, and that these two tracks were their only recordings for the Fast Product label. Later that label mutated into one called Pop Aural, and THE FLOWERS put out two 45s on that label in the year to follow. One web denizen compared them to Siouxsie and the Banshees. Others have called them “great”. Some have bemoaned the difficulty of finding their recordings. Me, I’m going to try and help right those wrongs by letting you in on their two excellent jagged tracks from “Earcom 1” (PS – you may remember that we posted THE PRATS’ tracks from this same EP right here). “After Dark”, in particular, is a thrilling thump of a song, very much in that slightly danceable but highly aggro style popularized in the UK around the same time by the DELTA 5 and the AU PAIRS, and it and its counterpart “Criminal Waste” has the shambling amateurism of fellow Scots THE MO-DETTES as well. Great stuff, and yours to enjoy.

Play or Download THE FLOWERS – “After Dark”
Play or Download THE FLOWERS – “Criminal Waste”


Anonymous said...

One of the Pop Aural tracks called "Confessions" was on the Mutant Pop comp that came out in the US in 1980 on PVC. ("After Dark" is on there, too, along with tracks by the Mekons, Human League, Gang of Four, Scars, and 2.3.) The comp's well worth finding for anyone who likes this stuff. (The Human League tracks are from 78 and aren't polished pop.)

Unknown said...

Hillary Morrison = Hil Ray, back-up vocalist on the Fire Engine's Big Gold Dream, not to mention the partner of Fast/Pop Aural mastermind Bob Last.

mdsgcg said...

the comp moelarry is referring to can be found on egg city radio if need-be...this band sound good...just would be great to hear a few more songs to get more of an idea.