Saturday, March 08, 2008


This 1979 track from legendary Texas punk compilation "ARE WE TOO LATE FOR THE TREND?" has gotta be in someone's - maybe my - Top 100 punk songs of all time. I'm concerned that perhaps it hasn't reached as many ears as it should have, and thus I'm posting it for you today. Many of the Mach One Texas punk bands that get rounds of applause don't do it for me at all - Nervebreakers, Bobby Soxx, Bodysnatchers et al - I'm more partial to The Vamps, Huns, AK-47 and these guys, THE INFANTS, a one-song band who'd mastered the art of the raw-ass hook, and could therefore retire batting 1.000.


JLG said...

Great great Comp! There's a 7" Repro on Don't Mess with Texas (made in Luxembourg) with the INFANTS, BLINDATE, SKUDS and NERVEBREAKERS Tracks.

ONECHORD said...

yep, that's right! got a copy of that record :)

and hey, of course there's also the "unquestionably late for the trend" ep released by existencial vacuum in 1996, with superman's girlfriend, skuds, vomit pigs and dot vaeth songs.

totally agree with you, jay. huns, ak47 and of course vast majority are incredible. "i wanna be a number" and "god's groin" are two of my alltime favourite songs ever.

take care and keep blogging :)