Friday, March 14, 2008


THE 2X4’S (or, if you prefer, the TWO BY FOURS) first came to my attention via the first HOMEWORK compilations on the Hyped2Death label – the pseudo-illegitimate ones, the ones made on CD-R before the operation was turned into something slightly more on the level. (To be fair, the label, to my way of thinking, has always been on the level and run with the utmost of respect for the artist). The band were instantly my favorite new discovery along with the TRUE BELIEVERS, and the tracks they put on there, “Little Cities” (the B-side of their one and only 1980 single) and “On The Iron Line” (an unreleased track), are fantastic. Written in a herky-jerk, moderately robotic, monotonic style, the band’s songs both musically and lyrically reflect the decline of the Industrial age.

JOHN HOVORKA, the band’s vocalist, guitarist & leader, apparently was a great admirer and employee of the mills and lathe shops of the Northeast, and even made frequent trips to Rust Belt cities to observe his passion more closely. His band played about one step away from “new wave” (or “modern music”, as we sometime called it back then), enough that modern-day discriminating punks & DIY fans love the band, yet hewed close enough to some of its conventions that their only 45, “Bridgeport Lathe/Little Cities”, picked up a ton of Boston-area airplay at the time.

I’m going to post the 45 for you here, along with that bonus track. There’s now a full unreleased 2X4’S album from 1980 available on Hovorka’s web site, which you can buy here. I just bought mine. Keep in mind that “Bridgeport Lathe” is kind of a “funny” song that might have driven me mad if I hadn’t heard the other tracks first – so maybe start with the other ones when you do your playback. OK?

Play or Download THE 2X4’S – “Bridgeport Lathe” (A-side of 1980 45)
Play or Download THE 2X4’S – “Little Cities” (B-side of 1980 45)

Bonus TrackTHE 2X4’S – “On The Iron Line”

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