Monday, July 20, 2009


(Note - this is a re-post "by request" of a song we put up here back in 2007)

This is a very classy proto-punk, metal-tinged scorcher from 1978 – an act called THE WEASELS set off all sorts of alarms with this number, the immortal “Beat Her With A Rake”. Word has it that they were 1977 contemporaries with & pals of both the nascent LA post-glam, pre-punk bands of the day (RUNAWAYS, IMPERIAL DOGS, BERLIN BRATS etc) and with VAN HALEN, who played the LA club circuit as openers for The Weasels on more than one occasion. It got a lot of airplay on KROQ, pretty much America’s first commercial station to play real punk rock, and caused a lot of (deserved) hemming & hawing. There’s no question that it indeed “rocks”, and I’ve long called it a favorite, though I'm not really certain why since it borders on doofus metal and has lyrics I’d hate for my mommy to hear. I can’t even remember the B-side. I’m not sure anyone does.

Play The Weasels, "Beat Her With A Rake"

Download THE WEASELS – “Beat Her With A Rake” (A-side of 1978 single)


Unknown said...

Thanks for the repost. I first heard this on KROQ........many years ago. Thanks to Google and your blog I can listen to this classic again. Yes it still sounds like it did way back then and brings back memories of the Starwood.

Thank you,

Bruce said...

Great 45!!, although to me the B-side, "I'm your Commander" is the real killer.

Total mayhem ala the Stooges!!!

Donovan said...

I was the manager for The Weasels back in 1977. I remember the recording of this song and I'm you're commander. Classic stuff, nice to find this online. The Whisky sure was the place back then. I tell my wife, I never thought I would live to see 50, but here I am stone sober at 54. No dust for me., lol

peace out,

donovan moore

Unknown said...

so stoked to find this! It was on a comp at my old collage radio station in LA and coudn't remember who did it. THANKS

Anonymous said...

Used to hear this on KXLU. Brandon must have went to LMU.

Mick Flaaen said...

This is fantastic. I used to live in Culver City and was friends with Greg Durschlag. I moved to Tacoma WA and haven't seen Greg since. Thanks for having this up on your site.

Anonymous said...

I saw the Weasels at UCLA Mardi Gras in the spring on 1978 and then again at the Whisky on a weeknight. (What was my mom thinking?)

In addition to the excellent tunes mentioned here, they also had a song called "Switchblade Love" that the guitarist played using a switchblade rather than a pick.

The prop rake used on stage had its teeth painted silver with red (blood) on the tips. The handle was covered in black electric tape and then wrapped with the kind of chain you would lock your bike up with.

They were more glam than punk, but I don't think they cared so long as fans came. They rocked hard. The crowd loved it and sang the chorus of Beat Her With a Rake with lusty abandon.

Kristi Harris said...

Ty for te info, my memory is getting so bad, grew up in Culver City and Venice and these guys were right in the mix, How could I forget Durshlag? (Not sure of spelling of his name) thanks again and rock on. Never did like the song too degrading but hey its a free country. Now I can tell sis I finally remembered the band... with a little help from google.