Tuesday, July 07, 2009


I've written too many times of how smitten I am with female French pop of the 1960s, and I've posted a few songs on this blog to boot, including one of the single most popular posts I've ever done, the complete works of CLOTHILDE. If you want to read some more, click here or here. I've really only scratched the surface, though. There are at least three dozens total classics from this era, and as long as this blog continues I'm going to make it my life's work to make sure you hear them.

Three of my very favorites are posted for you today. I'm not going to go too deeply into my CD/record collection to figure out where I got them from, but dollars to donuts they came from the "Swinging Mademoiselles" or "Ultra Chicks" compilation series. First up is ARIANE and "Tu Vondrais Que J'oublie", just perfect booming pop music. Next is the somewhat kittenish CLAIRE DIXON and "On M'appalle Petite Bout de Chou", which is something like "My cute little cabbage". At least that's what someone who took high school French told me once. Finally, CHRISTINE PILZER's "Champs Elysees" is a great ode to a place I've never been, but no doubt some of you world travelers have.
Play Ariane, "Tu Vondrais Que J'publie"

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