Thursday, July 16, 2009


(This is a re-post from early 2007)

I missed the one and only LP from Boston's L.A. DRUGS when it came out in 2003 – it existed first as a CD-R and later was put out as a one-sided affair on Twisted Village. It has the potential to both anger and dazzle all comers, given that it’s simultaneously one of the most annoying and yet most crazed and unhinged, dirty, noisy, lo-fidelity records I’ve ever heard. I think they were around for less than a year, tops.

Obviously they found a lot of comedic value in early 80s LA punk (as we all do), given that the album is bookended with verbal clips from “The Decline of Western Civilization” (“I swear, I hate cops to the MAX”) and the Germs’ final show (“We’ll see you all at Oki Dog”). The singer has a bratty, whining tweener voice that she uses to fine effect on tracks like the ones I’m posting for you today – sorta like what one might have called a quote-unquote “riot girl” fifteen years ago, but even more annoying. The band exudes learning-to-play confidence, utilizing cheapo keyboards, fucked-up guitars, and all manner of crashing & bashing to get their point across. It sounds like a goddamn lights-out teenage pajama party with peanut butter smeared all over the floor and pharmaceuticals piled high in punchbowls. See what you think by clicking the links below.

Play LA Drugs, "High School"


Goner Records said...

I love this. Wish I'd just bought it when it was available... dang.

Pig State Recon said...

Also: this image is not-so subtly referencing that pic on the cover of the REDD KROSS "Born Innocent" LP. Right on.

C'est pas notre faute, on vient de Lyon. said...

Hey, thanks a lot for sharing this, discovery of the week for me, "high school" is such a good song. Any idea where I can download the whole LP?

Robert said...

I heard that this band made a second LP and that Wayne at Twisted Village is letting it just sit on the shelf.