Friday, July 10, 2009


Well, maybe you don’t – or more likely, you could care less. I rarely do any “cross-promotion”, but maybe once a year is OK, right? So these two blogs are called HEDONIST BEER JIVE and FIRST PRINCIPLES. The first one is updated with passion 4-5 times per week, and has been going nearly three and a half years now. It delves into the, uh, fascinating world of craft beer in all its forms. Not content to simply drink good beer, I’m aiming to foster the same level of beer dorkitude that I myself possess. It covers Belgian beer, American micros, and the places and locales where people – mostly me – drink them. This one gets about 100 visitors per day and has its own little ecosystem of readers going, which is awesome.

The second blog, FIRST PRINCIPLES – well, yeah. I posted my final post there today. Apparently beer and music writing is easy, but coming up with engaging political rants isn’t. It’s not the first time I’ve killed off a blog of mine – other past efforts include AGONY SHORTHAND and CELLULOID HUT – and it probably won’t be the last. But take a look at the final post and the archives if you get a second. I gave it a good thirteen months. If you need to grow a set of first principles of your own, you’re welcome to borrow mine.

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