Friday, May 01, 2009


Thanks to Damon H for finding this one in the bowels of YouTube – an actual promotional video for THE FLESH EATERS’ song “The Wedding Dice”, taken straight from the “Forever Came Today” album in 1982. It stars Chris D in a lead role, both as actor and singer, and unfolds pretty much like you’d expect a Chris D-scripted video might: vampires, violence, beds of roses and a burning cross. Add some awesome sleeveless vests, sleeveless shirts, a fog machine and eerie shadow effects and you have something so totally “of its age” it’s almost from another world. I’ve made tracking down Flesh Eaters ephemera from this era a personal crusade, but I had no idea they’d actually shot a video. Please enjoy.


Pig State Recon said...

Yep I too only discovered this a few weeks back - who knew this existed? With all them bulging muscles and slicked back hair, you can understand why some felt they held down the horror-rock end of the whole X/BLASTERS spectrum. Oh and dig that Mary Woronov cameo! But just who is playing the lead vampyress?

Anonymous said...

Wow, never knew about this earlier. Fantastic.

Dave Martin

Anonymous said...

Hi, I read somewhere that the director who made this made a video from the song Poison Arrow also. Correct ? This video is included in the extras of Border Radio DVD.

Makke Luojus

Jesse Luscious said...

This is GREAT! I had no idea. Plus, Mary Woronov is an added bonus!

Anonymous said...

love the store scene

murderer-"oh my god no!!!"
chris d-"i'm gonna kill you"

it's strange that in all of Byron Coley's Flesh Eaters writing this video is never mentioned