Friday, May 22, 2009


In all of DMZ’s discography, ironically the best record of them all was a way-posthumous 1986 single that was recorded ten years earlier (1976, if you need some help counting). Until very recently I actually thought this was a re-press of a real lost 45 from this proto-punk Boston band, but no, it was just some tracks that hadn’t found their way to vinyl yet, and Telstar Records had the good sense to dig them up.

Whatever, “First Time Is The Best Time / Teenage Head” is one of my favorite singles of all time. This record is one of the premier obnoxo-punk records of any era, with some of the worst/best deflowering come-on lines ever, and a killer fake retch in the first two seconds. Absolute genius. The FLAMING GROOVIES cover on the flip is pretty hot as well.

I figured with a big three-day weekend coming here in the USA, you probably needed something nice & wild to help you through it. So here goes.

Play DMZ, “First Time Is the Best Time”

Download DMZ – “First Time is the Best Time” (A-side)
Download DMZ – “Teenage Head” (B-side)

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Holly said...

One of my very favorites also.