Friday, May 29, 2009


(This is another re-post from early 2008, with the Knights Bridge track replacing a previous one I posted from WATERS - I'll work on some original stuff next week)

As I was in the process of putting together my own personal CD-R of “outrageous”, “acid-drenched”, “deadly”, “lethal” 60s psychedelic rock, I decided to share some of my better mp3s with the world at large last April, calling it “Psychedelico Ultima”. Nearly a year later, I’ve found three more mp3s that I think you might wanna hear.

SCORPIO TUBE, whom I know nor can find a thing about, are about as “lysergic” as this music gets – whatever that means, right? A total riff-heavy, fuzzed-out gem that treads on MC5 territory and just screams. Right up there with “On The Road South” by THE STEREO SHOESTRING for sheer wah-wah bigmuff action. "Make Me Some Love" by Texas' KNIGHTS BRIDGE is a deservedly well-loved classic, about as "pop" as super-heavy psych-damaged guitar rock gets. THE LIBERTY BELL were a Corpus Christie, TX psych band from the latter part of the sixties – something about Texas and the sound of wild guitar during this era – it’s a conundrum, but one we’re happy to have.

Play Scorpio Tube, "Yellow Listen"

Download SCORPIO TUBE – “Yellow Listen”
Download KNIGHTS BRIDGE - "Make Me Some Love"
Download THE LIBERTY BELL – “Reality is the Only Answer”

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