Tuesday, March 04, 2008


I'm going to tell you something - but just you, OK? I was part of that early group of luddites that resisted CD players because we'd totally cast our lot with vinyl - and as long as there were no CDs coming out that weren't on vinyl, that's how things were gonna be. I was certain around 1990 and 1991 I was going to be playing records, and records only, for at least another 10 years. There was this problem, though. This killer noise/psych/spacerock band called MONSTER MAGNET had a new record out, their first album, and it was only on CD. It did have this godawful cover art, but then again, these were the guys who were playing weirdo, fuzzed-out sonic destructo rock better than anyone, at least on their first two singles (all I'd heard to that point - so how could I have known??). I bought the CD player. Then I bought that first CD of mine - my first CD ever. I sold said CD back to a proper "record" store within a week, because of course, if you've ever heard anything from MONSTER MAGNET outside of those first two 45s, it's a load of meathead bong-hit metal crap.

This 45, though - it came out in '89 on a cool (and very briefly-lived) label called Circuit, and it blew me away when I first heard it. Only MUDHONEY, at the time, had tapped the inner fuzz-vein so well, and I thought these guys were the tits. You'll undoubtedly see why when you download the entire 45 from me right here.

Play or Download MONSTER MAGNET - "Lizard Johnny" (A-side)
Play or Download MONSTER MAGNET - "Freak Shop USA" (B-side)


Brushback said...

Next you'll be telling us that White Zombie and Raging Slab were great, too. Jeez, Jay!

(Actually, I had the first White Zombie single, and it was pretty decent...)

russ said...

actually saw Monster Magnet open for White Zombie early on...well, not that early - but "Spine of God"-era, great show from both bands (though White Zombie wasnt playing the sludge stuff anymore, just the major label LP they had just put out, still before Beavis got them well-known)

That Circuit 7" probably is MM's high point, but they had lots of other great stuff - I can hang with "Spine Of God" and "Superjudge", even some stuff after that.

Plenty of good stuff they did before S.O.G. though - There's two demos (which the Circuit 7" was culled from), a 12" on Glitterhouse w/ the Murder 7", new (inferior) version of the songs on the 1st 7" and different (better) versions of stuff that would end up on Spine Of God.

and I think it was released after the 1st LP (but recorded earlier)- but "Tab 25" is great and ridiculous too, especially the half-hour long title track.

D said...

No arguement from it, it is a great single- just the right amount of slobber with a 12FU attitude.
Tab25 was great for a lot of different reasons & no I would not describe it as meathead nong hit metal crap.
I agree they were never the same as after that fisrt single but surely good is in the mind of the listener!
My final thought on MM - Negasonic Teenage Warhead is a great single - go have a(nother) listen!
Likewise I resisted cd's & bought vinyl until the mid 90's when the convenience factor got to me. Imagine how pissed I would have been getting those early cds then buying the latest remastered deluxe reissue versions. Yeah I will scream when they redo them with a DVD of the film clips & live shows!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely, I have those singles and it just doesn't get any better. I did like 'Spine of God' but I was doing a lot of speed at the time. Haven't listened to it since but should give it a go. Those first singles -- they were dumb and smart at the same time, the sound when the needle hit the vinyl was perfection, chaotic and apocalyptic while strangely soothing. You knew you'd found 'it'. I saw 'em live in Sydney and they were okay, though by then they were more like a cartoon stadium band. "Well, I always try to do the right thing, baby..." Alright.