Tuesday, June 23, 2009


If I was the sort of fella who liked to rank & order things, I’d probably have to call this song one of the five finest examples of 1960s girl group pop ever. SUSAN LYNNE’s “Don’t Drag No More” from 1964 may or may not have been the girl-group “answer” song to JAN & DEAN’s “Deadman’s Curve”, as it isn’t really an answer song per se. Yet the first half of the 60s was awash in these crazy dead-teenager anthems, always with some guy being warned not to go to fast, and always with a crying girl by his side as he breathes his final words, which are predictably some variation on “I love you”. Though this one doesn't actually capture the dying - just the warning, I discovered it on the “One Kiss Can Lead To Another” box set (pictured), an amazing artifact of 1960s girl sounds contained in a hatbox. It’s among the treasures of the era, and I want you to please give it a listen right about now.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, the jewel of the box set without a god damn cotton ball doubt... to drag as in to race and to drag as in to chat up and to drag as in to drag... In this French speaking part of the world is oft heard "Elle aime se faire draguer." (she likes being chatted up).