Friday, August 14, 2009


(Reposted by request)

I own exactly one record by a modern instrumental surf band (correction: make that two records), and it’s the raw-ass 1994 EP I’m posted for you here today by Sacramento, CA’s TIKI MEN. “Sneak-A-Drink With The Tiki Men” is as hot and loud and bothered as the best reverbed-out 1960s stuff, and outside of a few drunken PHANTOM SURFERS live shows, I don’t think I’ve ever heard a modern band capture the esprit of that sound as well as it is here. This record is so underground that even the venerable Grunnen Rocks database doesn’t even list it in the band’s discography, but I’m pretty sure this home-pressed job on “Secret Center” records was their debut. Covers appear to be run off at Kinko’s, but only on their best printers, naturally. A total lost slab of wave-shredding garage punk righteousness from the Capitol City, the camellia capitol of California, Sacramento C-A.

Play The Tiki Men, "Tiki Torcher"

Download THE TIKI MEN – “Tiki Torcher” (Side A, Track 1)
Download THE TIKI MEN – “Swingin' Creeper” (Side A, Track 2)
Download THE TIKI MEN – “Black Cat” (Side B, Track 1)
Download THE TIKI MEN – “Incoming!” (Side B, Track 2)


Holly said...

Thank you.

d.ross said...

their was another great single on Estrus and an album on Hillsdale. Hard to maintain the same kind of energy on the album but some good stuff anyway. Last I heard, the guitarist was playing in a bluegrass band but that was years ago.

Anonymous said...

yeah Micah played in a couple of country groups including the Lazy J's and passed away at 41 years old in 2011. Bassist Tim White plays in the Alkalai Flats. The drummer Scott Miller plays in the Bananas, the Bright Ideas, and English Singles. There's a super-detailed article about the Tiki Men (and it comes with a 45rpm record) in Yeti Magazine, 2012.