Friday, August 07, 2009


A couple of weeks back we posted the great 60s girly screamer "Don't Drag No More" by SUSAN LYNN and called it her "dead teenager anthem", before I realized that the guy in the song doesn't actually die. He just gets warned that he's going to die. It's still part of a very prevalent 1960s "meme" with the clueless gearhead boyfriend and his level-headed, pleading girlfriend, but we need to be accurate here.

Now, here's a total girl-pop masterpiece where the hedonistic youth speeding through life with the throttle wide open does meet his maker. It's a 1964 single from British chanteuse TWINKLE called "Terry". It was a pretty decent-sized UK hit at the time, and its B-side "The Boy of My Dreams" is almost as good. I even found a magazine ad for you. If you want to see the review I wrote of a posthumous collection of her singles, and I know you do, click on over here.

Play Twinkle, "Terry"

Download TWINKLE - "Terry" (A-side)
Download TWINKLE - "The Boy Of My Dreams" (B-side)


J Neo Marvin said...

Just got the Shangri-Las comp, Myrmidons Of Melodrama. The liner notes say that "Leader Of The Pack" was banned in the UK for being too sick and morbid for the teenage audience, so they were thrown off their British tour and replaced by...Twinkle.

ROOKSBY said...

C'est magnifique! x