Monday, August 24, 2009


My favorite record last year by a mile was the debut four-song "Sistema De Terminación Sexual" 7”EP from Monterey, Mexico’s XYX on S-S Records. They make a big, loud, crazed, echo-chamber version of ’77-style no-wave with only two members – a woman (Anel) playing rough, throbbing bass guitar run through a ton of effects (she also twiddles knobs from time to time on a primitive synth of some kind), and a guy (Mou) who is an absolute spasmodic wild man of a drummer. I was ready to dream the impossible dream, and stay up past midnight on a Monday to see them live a couple of weeks ago, and I did just that when they played the El Rincon in San Francisco and blew the fairly small crowd away. Most of their songs are short, chaotic and splay in a zillion different directions while remaining shockingly tight. I’d seen this two wandering the crowd during the evening and figured they were just a couple of new wavers (like me, of course) out to enjoy a little goodtime partytime rocknroll. Then they got up on stage and totally went berserk. These are the times when one is thankful that earplugs have become so ubiquitous, and that I’d remembered to pack mine for the club.

Since this EP from last year is already out of print, I reckoned it would be appropriate to present it to you. I want XYX to be huge, bigger than the Stones & the Beatles. I bought their new edition-of-300 45 on Skulltones records as well, and while it has even more loud, ear-scraping psychedelic oomph than the one I’m posting today, I’d have to say the recordings sound more like stopgaps until the inevitable monster LP comes out. Until then, do what you need to do to see this band, own the recordings of this band, and feel this band. They’re Detailed Twang’s pick to click for the time being.

Play XYX, “Anel and Her Problem”

Download XYX – “Anel and Her Problem” (Side A, Track 1)
Download XYX – “Pan de Muerto” (Side A, Track 2)
Download XYX – “Nunca, Nunca” (Side B, Track 1)
Download XYX – “Microvibraciones” (Side B, Track 2)


Ian Morales said...


You have no idea what the XYX feature has done for us or response we have gotten for the feature. I knew they were a cool band worth featuring when I found about about them, but my crew that was at the show said to me it was the best editorial decision I ever made. Thanks for talking about XYX and for the link back.

Anonymous said...

thanx so much for this. it ate my face off. I am in lovvvvvvvvvvve

el oh el said...

Ah heh yeh like a muhfuckah they killin it.