Friday, May 16, 2008


When I told you a few weeks ago we’d be posting some of the early SUN CITY GIRLS vinyl, that was before I knew about this great new CD that the band just put out called “You’re Never Alone With A Cigarette: Sun City Girls Singles Volume 1”. It contains some of those early 45s, plus tracks you & I have never heard before. It even contains both tracks from a 1990 single that came out on Majora also called “You’re Never Alone With A Cigarette”: “100 Pounds of Black Olives / The Fine-Tuned Machines of Lemuria”.

This is the SCG treading along their more mystical and Eastern edge, with some throbbing, low-fidelity bass muscle leading the way down the rabbit hole. I don’t know why it rocks me, but it totally does. Here’s the original 45 digitized from my collection – now get out there and get the rest of the sessions if ya can.

Play or Download SUN CITY GIRLS – “100 Pounds of Black Olives” (A-side)
Play or Download SUN CITY GIRLS – “The Fine-Tuned Machine of Lemuria” (B-side)


Anonymous said...

thanks for this. It just made my evening so much more interesting than it was. Great sounds

Anonymous said...

Christ, I'm glad I found your blog, though I can't right now remember how... I have this single on vinyl too - and not many singles survived the Purges. I used to have a full vinyl album of theirs with a cover of a Fugs song... I weep now for what I sold when times were tough... They knew.

Anonymous said...

I always played this on 33!!! I've never heard these songs so fast before. duh!