Friday, May 09, 2008


THE HONEYMOON KILLERS were always one of those bands that got lumped in with Pussy Galore, the Laughing Hyenas and that ilk simply because they were “skuzzy”, they were “raw”, and they kinda looked like mean Lower East Side asskickers. They never really got to that level of “ill” in their music, and almost sounded to my ears as far more jokey than actually bothered. Their fount was certainly THE CRAMPS and all manner of sick, twisted splatter and exploitation films, along with some demented rockabilly thump and riff rock of all stripes. I always liked them, but never got to see them live – the one time they came out to Los Angeles in the late 80s, I found out about it the next day. They had this long (in relative terms) career before anyone I knew ever really talked about them – three full-length records on a French label called FUR from 1984-86, all notable for their awful, thin production. Their stride started hitting around the time of the “Turn Me On” LP from 1987 and especially this 45 from 1989, and right at the very end of their career they were actually something pretty special.

This single, “Get It Hot / Gettin’ Hot”, was a Sub Pop Singles Club pick for November 1989. It, and another single I’ll be posting in the near future, are their high-water marks – great thumping riffs; distorted, spastic guitar; and an allegiance with 60s garage punk and Crampsian decrepitude that they reached at their peak right here.

Play or Download THE HONEYMOON KILLERS – “Get It Hot” (A-side)
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Anonymous said...

Re the eternal Pussy Galore comparisons - didn't Jon Spenser and Cristina actually join the Honeymoon Killers?!

Anonymous said...

Hi, this is Makke Luojus from Finland. Just wanted to comment that I saw them live at I-Beam club on Haight Street in San Francisco back in ´89 and if I remember correctly they supported D.I. which was pretty odd to me but H.K. ruled and Jerry wore the big top hat.

Anonymous said...

If I remember correctly both Jon and Cristina were in the Honeymoon Killers, but at different times. Cristina plays on one of the Buy Our Records 12"s (the black and silver one) and Jon, along with Russel Simmins, is on the last full length album.
Dave Martin

JLG said...

Hung Far Low is the best!

Anonymous said...

Great Stuff Jay!


Melbourne Australia