Tuesday, May 20, 2008


The first 45 on the Datapanik label was a 1989 split single from Columbus, Ohio locals the BOYS FROM NOWHERE and TWO HOUR TRIP, both tackling songs from statewide legends Mike Rep & The Quotas and Peter Laughner, respectively. There was this totally hyperbolic Forced Exposure review of the 45, just way overboard about how mindblowing a single comprised of two friggin’ cover songs was, punctuated by the collector-scum rating of “C/U Entire Pressing” – meaning that the record was so amazing that, if possible, the editors would buy up the entire pressing of the record. Hey, I never even liked the TWO HOUR TRIP song, and frankly think Laughner himself is pretty overrated (his guitar in early Pere Ubu being a huge, huge exception). Anyway, The Boys From Nowhere were a pretty cool 60s-throwback band from the 1980s and early 90s with a great shouter/screamer of a singer named Mick Divvens. You have to remember, in the 80s most of the bands who were making any sort of general nods toward the 1960s garage-band sound kinda sucked. All those bands on Voxx Records, The Fuzztones, “The Marshmellow Overcoat”, that sort of malarkey – man, the Boys From Nowhere were a massive breath of fresh air. Particularly when doing a MIKE REP & THE QUOTAS song from 1975! Their other material – captured on a series of black & white 45s on their own Young Lion label - is at least worth looking at, if not falling in love with, if you catch my drift.

Play or Download THE BOYS FROM NOWHERE – “Rocket to Nowhere” (A-side of split single)


Anonymous said...

Man, I'm totally in LOVE with the Boys From Nowhere! The singles are all essential (There were a few different comps that annoyingly gave you all of the material from the singles (Minus this split single) spread out over three 12" EPs. That full length album is way better than most people think too (although not as good as the singles.) I think that since they'd essentially broken up by the time it was released and the fact that it was on Skyclad have kept it from rockers the world over.

Anonymous said...

johnny had some great story's of when he toured with the lyres and monoman assaulting and berating him. i also have a huge sot spot for jungle boy that was on one of the skyclad comps


Anonymous said...

Maybe monoman got a bit of # 5 here-H O T: