Tuesday, February 26, 2008


It’s probably not fair to get you all hopped up on the wild young stallions of 2008 rock-n-roll, and then post a mere five tracks, as I did last Friday – right? Well here’s another five more. NOTHING PEOPLE from Northern California are arguably one of the two or three best bands going right now – an awesome, big, gnarly sound made from smashed metal, spacesuits and old Roxy Music records. This one’s a doozy about plastic surgery. BLACK SUNDAY are one of many bands from Memphis, TN’s Alicja Trout; I know little more than that, and this 2007 45 was the first thing I heard from them. On the basis of the first 20 seconds of this one, I’ve pronounced myself a fan for life. PSYCHEDELIC HORSESHIT hail from Columbus, Ohio, and have been kicking up a tremendous low-fidelity racket for well nigh over a year now; this is from their new-ish LP on Siltbreeze. TYVEK have this crazy, mixed-up way of making 2008 in Detroit sound like 1980 in England, while staying far enough away from “Messthetics pandering” to be their own joyous & unique thing; I saw them live last year and they were frantic and buzzing from the word go. “Still Sleep” reminds one of The Fall’s “Frightened” a bit, does it not? Finally, LITTLE CLAW (pictured) also used to hail from Detroit but chose to relocate to Portland, presumably for the microbreweries. They arrive squarely at the intersection of raw noise and throbbing garage, and appeal greatly to lovers of both (like me). Go forth and prosper with these MPEG Audio Layer 3s, courtesy of your friends at Detailed Twang!

Play or Download NOTHING PEOPLE – “Army Of Ideal” (from Hozac Records 45)
Play or Download BLACK SUNDAY – “Gli Amanti D'Oltretomba” (from Solid Sex Lovie Doll records 45)
Play or Download PSYCHEDELIC HORSESHIT – “These Days” (from “Magic Flowers Droned” LP)
Play or Download TYVEK – “Still Sleep” (from What’s your Rupture Records 45)
Play or Download LITTLE CLAW – “Movies For You” (from “Spit & Squalor Swallow The Snow” LP)


dino m said...

You must not have heard the TV Ghost LP yet.

Anonymous said...

Yep Tv Ghost are the shit-check out there Myspace page also recommended Soft Shoulder- Hit Single 7". Great Blog Great feature.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jay.

Loved the Army of the Ideal track and the Black Sunday one. How did you get on to those guys?



Anonymous said...

Its now June 2008 and I still reckon Black Sunday's Gli Amanti is the best new song I've heard this year.