Tuesday, February 19, 2008


A cursory search of the world wide internet gives me very little about SCREAMIN' JOE NEAL, a man with the most possessed set of pipes this side of Bunker Hill & Little Richard (to say nothing of that CADILLACS track we posted a few weeks ago). I bought this 45 about six-seven years ago out of the Norton Records catalog - that label was on such a winning streak for a while, unearthing wild 50s obscurities with such regularity that, for me, it was a matter of just handing over the credit card # every time a new one popped out. When the winning streak fizzled with some middling rockabilly or yuk-fest novelty crap, I stopped. But man, SCREAMIN' JOE NEAL! This came out in 1956 on Emerge Records, a St. Louis-based local label. Neal put out one other 45, which you can also hear on "his", uh, My Space page. This one is the real barnburner, though, and you can play it or download it by clicking the links below.

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Unknown said...

"fizzled" is a bit much. While not every single record they've put out is hands down essential, they've still got such an amazing catalog, and lately there's been some more 7" gems. In fact it is almost impossible for me to not pick up a Norton 7" (excluding that Stones covers series of which I've cherry picked a few and still been sort of underwhelmed.)

Dave Martin