Friday, October 12, 2007


(Read Part One here). I don’t know what it is about SIN 34, and why I come back to their recordings every few years. They were perhaps the first speed/thrash/burn punk band that ever connected with me during my teenage late-night listening sessions with “Maximum Rock and Roll Radio”, even before Black Flag or Minor Threat. Generic-by-the-numbers early 80s LA hardcore, with the added curveball of female singer “Julie”, SIN 34 at times had this ability to leapfrog the genre & throw in some burning, stop-start hooks that got testosterone-fueled limbs flailing and bodies flying. I know that their name made it to Pee-Chees and Army surplus jackets even at my Northern California high school – but then again, so did “China White”, “TSOL” and “The Adicts”. In SoCal, they had a much higher profile, due to band member Dave Markey’s involvement with WE GOT POWER fanzine and friendly connections with RED CROSS and Smoke Seven records. Only one 7”EP and one (quite lame, save for 3-4 tracks) LP made it out, but I’ve cherry-picked the band’s winners for you. Read a whole lot more about SIN 34 here and here.

Play or Download SIN 34 – “Nuclear War” (from 1982 “Sudden Death” compilation LP)
Play or Download SIN 34 – “Left Waiting” (from 1983 “Do You Feel Safe?” LP)
Play or Download SIN 34 – “Forgive and Forget” (from 1983 “Do You Feel Safe?” LP)
Play or Download SIN 34 – “Not” (from 1983 “We Got Power” compilation LP)


tim hinely said...

thx for posting these jay. sin 34 is one band that has always escapted my grasp. in fact, i don't think i have ever heard them. will check out the tunes.

maybe time for some nardcore now ? stalag 13 anyone ?

Anonymous said...

Don't forget 12 Hour Trip. Only thrash song about acid I know of: "Now I'm getting...REEEEEAAAAAAAL SCARED!"

Anonymous said...

No Nardcore ever, please.

Anonymous said...

I've heard Sin 34's both long out of print 7" (Die Laughing) and LP (Do You Feel Safe) will finally be reissued next year (the 25th anniversary of its initial release)