Friday, October 05, 2007


I guess I sort of took a layoff from paying close attention to new bands, lasting roughly four years, from about 1998-2001. When I came roaring back, one of the first bands to catch my attention were a just-springing-out San Francisco band called NUMBERS. Their robotic, off-tempo, patterns; angry, stabbing guitar, and overall metronomic sound was totally intoxicating, and those first few live shows I saw of theirs – usually about 15 minutes each – were totally friggin’ great. As I understand it, they are still a band, but I have not “scene” nor heard them in about three years, disappointed as I was by their second CD, “In My Mind All The Time”. For a short period, though their first record “NUMBERS LIFE” was, in fact, my life. It holds up to this day, and then some. See if you agree by downloading the tracks below.

Play or Download NUMBERS – “Intercom”
Play or Download NUMBERS – “Driving Song”


Anonymous said...

We're Animals is worth hearing. Don't expect the same hectic sound they started with, but most of the songs are pretty satisfying in their own way.

Anonymous said...

Saw them play a few months ago in Boston... the organ player Eric said they were going to finish the tour overseas, then hang it up.... he said it was just too hard to spend so much time, energy and money for minimal payback.

His next project, he said, was to figure out how to combine his two main musical interests: Gothic hillbilly minimalism and robot music.