Monday, August 27, 2007


I can dimly recall the kerfuffle this particular fake-o xenophobic stomper generated back in the early 80s, thus proving how successfully the joke was employed. WHITE PRIDE - now there's a name to get the typewriters tapping - were roundly criticized for the "Peace My Ass" EP in the pages of Maximum Rock N Roll and virtutally everywhere else, and taken literally, that's understandable. My take is that the knuckle-draggers responsible for this, who included amongtheir number Mike Doskocil (later of DRUNKS WITH GUNS), probably were very anti-PC before their time, and chose to "make mirth" with the concept by going ridiculously over the top, all the better to stir up the hysteria of the anti-Reagan left so stridently strident at the time. A bonus is that the song itself is funny - at least to a humorless reactionary like myself. It's also a meatheaded punk/metal romp somewhat reminiscient of POISON IDEA as they slowed down, with barked, eye-bulging vocals that are a gutbuster in & of themselves.

Then again - covering myself here - if it was serious? Well, it's just too stupid for words, as are most current commentaries of the subject. As a supporter of "the money machine", I say: Tear down the walls, baby! Let 'em in!

Play or Download WHITE PRIDE - "Illegal Aliens" (from 45)


beedubelhue said...

Though White Pride's material(check out the Your Loss is Our Gain lp released posthumously on SunWheel Records for more hilarious hatred) was tongue-in-cheek,they've always been taken VERY seriously in the nationalist scene."Illegal Alien" was covered most recently by wp band Hate Crime,who used a mariachi band(!) in the breaks!I also recall Jello Biafra and the Kennedys refusing to play a gig with White Pride at some point years ago."Integration was their dream but the only improvement was a basketball team!"Great post.


Anonymous said...

Hate Crime also covered 2 other White Pride songs - Integration and Hoosiers are niggers (changed to hippies are niggers)
More White Pride songs should be covered.

Anonymous said...

The first time i heard these guys was on an 8 track tape!And i have been trying to find the vinyl ever since any idea's?

Unknown said...

I remember them...people were ready to murder these guys! I got the reissue years back-I came into the hXc scene at the end around 88. I had heard a few random songs before but the album is really funny AND good musically. I always took it as a joke...I mean they played with Black Flag, the Circle Jerks, ST & Bad Brains...I, like our host apparently find humor in unique places. Not for everyone, but if your sense of humor is thick skinned...this record is worth hunting down.