Wednesday, August 01, 2007


The rightful heiress to the spirit of Neutron Bomb/Babylonian Gorgon Los Angeles punk of the late 70s probably doesn’t even know she’s directly descended from it, but oh my friends – she is. Chicago’s MISS ALEX WHITE AND THE RED ORCHESTRA now have their second excellent CD under their belts with the release of a new one this year called “SPACE & TIME” on In The Red. For about the first eight or nine songs, it’s hands-down one of the best records of the year, then loses a little steam before finishing up in the Top 15 nonetheless. It’s a little more varied than the first CD of theirs – which I wrote about here – in the sense that tempos are all over the proverbial map & straddling all manner of punk styles. Kinda like a lot of those wacky Masque punks of Darby Crash’s day – your UXAs, your Metrosquads, your Howard Werths, your Controllers - even your early punk-era GO-GOs (check the bouncy girl-group pop of “She Wanna” if you don’t believe me). I saw them play a few of these songs live last year and knew it’d be a good record, but it’s even better than that. I’m going to post a couple for you here, but you might want to think about skipping that and clicking here instead.

Play or Download MISS ALEX WHITE & THE RED ORCHESTRA – “In The Snow”
Play or Download MISS ALEX WHITE & THE RED ORCHESTRA – “Future Talk”


Anonymous said...

Thought the last album sucked, but this one's really good (like her prior releases). Anyone bummed by the first LP should give it a shot.


Anonymous said...

Please add reviews to new albums from The Lamps and Cheater Slicks sometime soon!
The new Lamps album is up there with the first Hospitals album for sheer ITR headache trauma...and the new Cheater Slicks may actually be in the same league as 'Whiskey', best take on garage-psych going nowadays (no nostalgic 'flower power' B.S.), with 'Crackin' Up' and 'Westford Cemetery' deserving place as all-time 'greatest' Cheater Slicks says I.
And what are your thoughts on Haunted George, Wooden Tit and Clockcleaner?