Friday, August 24, 2007


Certainly it’s not news that there are new live CDs out from THE FALL, even when they’re from the hallowed 1979-1983 period. I certainly can’t keep up with the flood of releases, but I’ve been buying some of the live discs from this era, along with the “repackaged” versions of old LPs, complete with alternate versions, demos, live tracks and the like. Remember when the only live FALL stuff you could get from the glory years were the “Totale’s Turns”, “A Part Of America Therein” and “In A Hole” LPs? Man, I paid a pretty penny for those last two as well, but then again, THE FALL are one of those half-dozen key bands in my musical development. Once I locked in with them, they earned their place in my head as the single greatest & most influential British act of the last thirty years.

So here are two previously-unknown-to-me live tracks that made their way onto the 2xCD reissue of “HEX ENDUCTION HOUR”, which as I’ve stated before, is the finest of all FALL records. Don’t believe me? Just listen to it. “Session Musician” and “Jazzed Up Punk Shit” are certainly not of the caliber of anything on the original LP, but as stand-alone extras – and as songs that never got waxed into studio versions – they’re great, and are “must-haves”, as they say.

Play or Download THE FALL – “Session Musician”
Play or Download THE FALL – “Jazzed Up Punk Shit”

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