Monday, September 14, 2009


I mentioned a few posts ago about my 2000-2004 fetish of digitizing just about every piece of 33rpm and 45rpm vinyl I’d ever owned, which back then was pretty considerable. Now it’s paltry, but then again, everything I own has been converted to ones and zeroes, and can be quickly posted here now for your listening pleasure. I then made myself themed CD compilations, much like “The Ultimate Post-Punk C-78”. One of my favorite series that I roasted up was my own TWIST AND BURN! set of CDs, which encompassed my favorite 1980s and 1990s garage punk records. This was, by many accounts including my own, a golden era for punk rock music, a “third wave” after the 1960s and 1970s eruptions.

Actually, let’s be honest here: the 1980s by themselves were pretty beat for garage-influenced punk rock music, while being fantastic in other regards. I was only able to get one full CD together of the really, really great stuff, whereas I have multiple CDs’ worth of 1990s stuff, and that’s only the first half of the 90s. Jeez, my CD cover art even includes THE CRAMPS, a band more famously associated with the 1970s. TWIST AND BURN!, VOLUME 1 is kind of a whopper, though – I think you may agree when you download and burn the whole thing. From ART PHAG to the SUICIDE KINGS, from THE NIGHTS AND DAYS to the ORIGINAL SINS, there was some pretty twisted, righteous, raw noise erupting from garages all over the planet. Almost everything here comes from a 45. Here’s the track listing:


1. DEVIL DOGS – Twist and Burn
2. BO-WEEVILS – That Girl
3. DWARVES – Lick It
4. THEE HYPNOTICS – The Girl’s All Mine
5. THE NIGHTS AND DAYS – Garbage Can
6. ART PHAG – Golf
7. SLOTH – Fetch The Wedge
8. EASTERN DARK – Julie is a Junkie
9. ORIGINAL SINS – Just 14
11. SID PRESLEY EXPERIENCE – Public Enemy #1
12. SISTER RAY – Purgatory
13. SCIENTISTS – There’s a Monster In Me
14. THIRSTY BRATS – White Ghetto
15. DWARVES – Nothing
16. SUICIDE KINGS – Take Yer Medicine
17. EASTERN DARK – Johnny & Dee Dee
18. BOYS FROM NOWHERE – Goin’ Too Far
19. DEVIL DOGS – North Shore Bitch
20. CRAMPS – Weekend On Mars
21. ART PHAG – A Boy and His Gun
23. THEE HYPNOTICS – All Night Long
24. BOYS FROM NOWHERE – I Don’t Bother
25. SLOTH – Miss Sleazy Underbelly
26. WORKDOGS – Funny $

Download TWIST AND BURN!, VOLUME 1 (this is a .zip file)


Anonymous said...

Two Thee Hypnotics songs!!!!?!?!?!! - Wow.

Holly said...

Nice. Eastern Dark - good call!
I maybe would've subbed the Original Sin's b-side (great cover of "Sugar Sugar") and added my beloved "First Time Is The Best Time" as a replacement snotty jailbait song. Since the 7" was released in '86, I'll argue that it fits.

I think we were college djs during the same time period....

nickp said...

Thanks for posting this, I've been looking for a digital copy of The Girl's All Mine for ages!

geololo said...

killer compilation... Thank you very much !