Friday, September 18, 2009


(This is adapted from a post I published a couple of years ago in which I posted this song as well).

Who were the WHITEFRONTS? Well, when I started college at UC-Santa Barbara in 1985, they were sorta my hipster cousin & his pals' favorite local band down there. I never got to see them; I think they graduated or got kicked out or something around '86 and moved to San Francisco, where they gigged around for a bit and then called it a day a couple of years later. My cousin used to play me some great "cassette tapes" of their stuff (do you know what those are?), which ranged from Velvet Underground-inspired freakouts (like the track I'm posting here, the fantastic "6 Buses" from the "Roast Belief" album) to Hawaiian slide guitar weirdness to hippie bongo workouts to Meat Puppets-style fake hardcore punk. And lots of genres and styles in between.

When you hear this track, perhaps you'll wish to start the Whitefronts revival with me?

Play The Whitefronts, "6 Buses"

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing this song from the White Fronts. I arrived in SB from San Clemente for Uni in 1983. Saw this band a couple times and had very fond memories of them. There music stands the test of time, I just played this song and liked as much as I did the first time I heard their music 25+ years ago. Thanks!!

Brent Matschke