Wednesday, April 15, 2009


(Note - this is a re-post of a thing I wrote last year)

THE BRENTWOODS are so undocumented on the world wide internet, that outside of a couple previous posts of my own, I can't really find anything on them beyond what I've already written. In case you're wondering about this lost mid-1990s spin-off from SUPERCHARGER and the TRASHWOMEN (two 50s-inspired garage/"oldies" groups of some renown), there's this here and this here, and not much else. 1994's "Go Little Sputnik / The South City Shingle & Shake" is absolutely par for the course for this wild, rawer-than-gravel, ear-bleeding party band. They did more to improve the image of South San Francisco, "the industrial city", than anyone before or since. Welcome to their world. Please play LOUD.

Play The Brentwoods "Go Little Sputnik"

Download THE BRENTWOODS - "Go Little Sputnik" (A-side)
Download THE BRENTWOODS = "The South City Shingle & Shake" (B-side)

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Anonymous said...

No one in that band actually lived in South City. They just had a P.O. Box there.