Friday, April 10, 2009


(This one's being re-posted by special request from Elisa. Originally posted last August.)

Me, I like a taste of the new wave every now & again, and what better new wave record of the past five years than the debut 45 from Sheffield, England’s LONG BLONDES? “New Idols / Long Blonde” is sharp, somewhat danceable stutter-pop that plays well in both the raw DIY and “alterna-rock” ghettos, and is certainly the most low-fidelity and unpracticed of all their records. It came out in 2004 on Sheffield Phonographic Corporation in the anachronistic “vinyl 7-inch” format. I heard the band’s second (and latest) CD, “Couples”, a couple of weeks ago, and it’s almost an entirely different sound than what they were putting out 2004-06 – very mersh, very dancefloor-centric, and very, very lame. Predictable, I suppose. These pop bands don’t start raw, get less raw, and then go deep into the underground again once they taste success. Doesn’t happen. I actually saw the band live last year and swear to christ, it was one of my favorite shows I saw all year, embarrassing as it almost feels to admit. I’d have to vote for “Separated By Motorways / Big Infatuation” as their best 45, but this one’s right up there, and hasn’t been heard much to date.

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