Wednesday, January 28, 2009


(Note: this is a re-post that originally went up on 6/30/08, and disappeared when I changed file-hosting providers)

Working the scene of low-talent, high-reward garage punk ear-melters in the late 90s was an East Los Angeles trio named LOLI & THE CHONES. Loli was the band’s rubenesque drummer & sometime singer; the Chones were the two snotty fellas who played guitar and bass. All were Latino, from a neighborhood called Boyle Heights. If any of them were more than 18 years old when I encountered them first around 1995, I’d be very surprised. They definitely slotted into that “young, fast & dumb” thing that was popular at the time, and which Rip Off Records, their eventual label, made their stock in trade. In fact this band ended up being dumber than the rest, with lots of lyrics about how the band hated you, or didn’t like you, and that sort of monkeyshines. I found their live shows sort of a test in patience – drawn to the music, repelled by the lyrics and between-song banter.

I settled on their awesome debut 7”EP on Repent Records as my LOLI & THE CHONES keepsake. Once you download it, you’ll understand why. It gets even better once you get to side B – do yourself a favor and listen to “Nazi Death Camp” and “Summer of Love” first, then go to the A-side. I remember when I bought this along with an armload of 45s, I didn’t know anything much about it, but when I put it on at home I had that feeling record dorks get when they’ve just discovered something totally stunning that no one else knows about (yet). Infectious, raw, in-the-goddamn-red stupidity, just the way you like it.

Play Loli & The Chones - "Yeah"

Download LOLI & THE CHONES – “Yeah” (Side A, Track 1)
Download LOLI & THE CHONES - "Everybody Hates Me" (Side A, Track 2)
Download LOLI & THE CHONES – “Nazi Death Camp” (Side B, Track 1)
Download LOLI & THE CHONES – “Summer of Love” (Side B, Track 2)

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