Monday, January 12, 2009


This is a full bootleg CD that came out surreptitiously after much hubbub about THE MUMMIES' aborted album for Crypt Records, one that was engineered and/or produced by Mike Mariconda of the Raunch Hands. Seems no one in the band was particularly happy with the lack of raunch on this one, and if you saw The Mummies back then you'd know why. Hell, the band even sounded low-fidelity and cheap-ass even in concert, with a remarkably tinny farfisa organ, fuzz guitar and primitive amps, most of which were being knocked over at any given time as the band careened around in their exceptionally filthy mummy outfits playing patent-perfect garage punk of 60s vintage. Stupid outfits aside, they were a stone gas at the time (1989-92 or so).

On vinyl they just don't really do it much for me. There are a few songs here and there, but I can't get too worked up about this version of their first LP because I don't dig the "real" one that much either. This one has a bunch of tracks that never made it to vinyl in any case, and the bootleg CD tacks on an entire live show from New Jersey one new year's eve many moons ago. The set closes with the band doing their own a capella dis of Mariconda live on WFMU for his production sins. What with the recent Mummies reunion and all, I thought you might wanna hear this thing.

Download THE MUMMIES - "F*ck The Mummies" bootleg CD (this is a .zip file)


├╝mlaut said...

THANKS for this.. The Mummies = one of my all-time favorites.. Good times.

Anonymous said...

right on man! thank you!

seconefan said...

if you are a LO-FI MUMMIES fan youll LOVE- MECHANIQUE !!!