Friday, August 08, 2008


In 1988 an "indie rock" magazine much in the vein of today's MAGNET or yesteryear's PUNCTURE called REFLEX included a 6" flexidisc of a 1979 MISSION OF BURMA demo inside all copies. It was a huge surprise, given as how around that time, all the archival Mission of Burma material was spilling out onto LPs and EPs on Taang! Records, save for this one fantastic demonstration recording of one of Burma's finest songs. Nope, that was saved for a flexidisc in some crap magazine with the Cocteau Twins on the cover. Still hasn't been compiled anywhere, so I just went ahead and digitized it for you so you can add it to your collection of mp3s & such. Enjoy!

Play or Download MISSION OF BURMA - "This Is Not A Photograph" (demo, from 1988 Reflex magazine flexidisc)

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Anonymous said...

Another great find! Thanks Jay.