Wednesday, August 06, 2008


The 1990s garage punk eruption was already totally on when this thing arrived in my mitts, but it was no less of an upside-the-head wallop for its tardiness. THE MOTARDS were an Austin, TX quintet who played stupid-simple, "learning to play" rock of the highest order, and who never made one this good again (though their follow-up 45 was still pretty hot). Total gargles-with-gravel, treble-heavy, DWARVES-style room-clearing punk rock and roll. I played it over and over and over that year (what was it, 1994?), and now, fourteen years later, I’d like to provide you with the same opportunity.

Play or Download THE MOTARDS - "I'm A Criminal" (A-side)
Play or Download THE MOTARDS - "The Fast Song" (B-side, Track 1)
Play or Download THE MOTARDS - "My Love Is Bad" (B-side, Track 2)


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for posting this entire EP! It's one of these records I missed picking up back in the 90's when I was too focused on tracking down 70's KBD stuff.

Thanks also for posting that Brides 7" a few months ago- that was another total ripper that was all over town here in Chicago when it came out but I always passed it by too. Doh!

While I'm posting comments, I should also say that I dug your Celluloid Hut blog- it turned me on to some interesting movies I had never seen before like "Following Sean". My Netflix queue is plenty full with many of your tips, thanks.


Eric O said...

this was a good one. angie, dave head/motard's sister, dropped one off at the record store i worked at. you just assume that these things will suck... not this time. awesome out of nowhere attack.

Anonymous said...

Please please please re-upload