Monday, July 21, 2008


"Don't Give Any Dinner To Henry Chinaski" is hands down the best record of BILLY CHILDISH's most prolific career. I went hog wild scarfing up MIGHTY CAESARS vinyl in the late 80s/early 90s when the first Crypt best-of compilation turned me onto these guys, and at one point I think I had the entire discography before Thee Headcoats went off the deep end and tossed off onto the public every fart & titter committed to tape . This one from 1987, all 19 minutes of it, was by far the boldest and most raw thing this very bold & raw trio put to vinyl, featuring early wide-groove, near-45rpm versions of hits like "She's Just 15", "Devious Means" and "I Can Tell". This is when Childish & co. were deepest into their LINK WRAY fixation(s), so among the 10 tracks are incredible, hotwired versions of "Comanche" and "Run Chicken Run" -- the former is so booming & loud I'd venture to say I'd even take it over Link's version. Also features a thumper of a run-through of THE TROGGS' "I Want You" and several other fantastic originals that never made it to later best-of comps (to my knowledge), like "The Bay of Pigs" and my fave, "La-La, La-La, La-La-La" (easily one of the Top 3-4 Caesars tracks ever). This is a band it's not difficult to forget about sometimes, given their daunting discography and near vanishment from the historical record, but man, if someone was wise & precient enough to re-press this thing, I can think of a lot of ears that'd wanna hear it.

Download THEE MIGHTY CAESARS - "Don't Give Any Dinner To Henry Chinaski" (1987 LP -note: this is a .zip file)


Michael said...

Vanishment. Tell me about it. As a college student with very limited income in the mid to late-80's there was only so much of the Milkshakes and Caesars catalog I could afford. Unfortunately, I ended up picking up a lot of the stuff that stayed in print for a bit longer and only a smattering of the ones that were never to be seen again. So much for prescience.

Unknown said...

thanks, i've been looking all over for this one!

Anonymous said...

hi! Could you re-up this one? There seems to be problems to download.

ROOKSBY said...

Hey Jay, any possibility of you reposting this timewarped beauty? I managed to pick up tons of Hangman vinyl at knockdown prices in the early 90s but this 'un continues to elude me. Hope you can help, sir... x