Monday, July 14, 2008


If for some reason you haven't, I figured it's old enough (seven years!) to enshrine it here on our calvalcade of first-rate rock and roll obscurities. Until about five minutes ago I thought this was their debut single, but if you believe S-S Records' discography section (and I do), it was beat out by about five minutes by "Plastica", their almost equally-ripping debut, in 2001. (note: correct that! Min from the A-Frames has set the record straight in our comments section. This one WAS the debut.) I actually discovered the Seattle band afterward, when the debut "A-FRAMES" CD came out as a split release by S-S and Dragnet records, Dragnet being the label that put out this incredible 7"EP.

There, we got all the discographic information out of the way. Why is this 45 so goddamn amazing? Hard to say, really. It's got a raw whoosh of power that carries it proudly as one of the first examples of a semi-unique "21st century punk". It contains a tinge of the cold metal automaton schtick that they mined pretty well on other releases, but only a tinge. You might not notice it if you're not lookin' for it. Guitars are frantic and all over the place; you can imagine the band cribbing a bit from the Dangerhouse collection. This is a good thing. Above all, it's one of the rare moderne rock records that has the potential to totally floor you on first listen. I hope it works for you.


Anonymous said...

It's been said before and I'll say it again: the world's overdue for an A Frames singles and comp tracks LP. C'mon, SS!


Anonymous said...

those early singles are great. i think they all came from a demo tape or something. the afcgt stuff is also cool.

Anonymous said...

Now this is what I was hoping those first 2 albums would sound like. Not that they're bad, but this stuff really delivers.

Anonymous said...

yes. a singles/demo/live comp would be nice. what happened to the 4th lp? AFCGT sound great but is A-Frames history?

Anonymous said...

Neutron bomb?
Test tube baby?
Holy crap, it's 1978!
It does rock, though.

lilmister said...

Hi Jay,
Thanks for the post. I just have to correct the order of release. This was the first single and Plastica was second. Scott probably meant Plastica was the debut for S-S. This one came out in August or September 2000. We were giving it away at our show at the Pho Bang night at Foxes, a kind of sleazy gay night club across the street from Fallout Records.

Jay H. said...

Thanks, Min. The post has been corrected so that future generations shall know the truth.