Thursday, January 31, 2008


Through the first eight years of the 1990s, I published a print fanzine called SUPERDOPE, devoted 99.9% to the music of my twenties. Typically it was slanted toward garage punk, strange noise/DIY records and a little indie rock (to be perfectly frank). Writers beyond myself included Tom Lax, Grady Runyan, Doug Pearson, Tim Ellison & Jon Behar. I’ve received a couple of inquiries lately on these, so I went into the garage to see what I had left. I’d be happy to sell you my remaining copies if you’re interested – I take Paypal at jayhinman@hotmail, or if you want to send cash, just let me know and I’ll float you our mailing address.

SUPERDOPE #8 -- A digest-sized issue from 1998 with a very long, multi-page article called "FORTY-FIVE 45s THAT MOVED HEAVEN & EARTH", featuring my summations & opinions of what I considered the best 7" records of all time. Featured bands include PERE UBU, THE CRAMPS, MC5, ELECTRIC EELS, GERMS, BAGS, FLESH EATERS, PAGANS and more. There are also a large handful of reviews of records of the day. I'll let this go for $4 US, $5 US to Canada and $7 US to the rest of the world.

SUPERDOPE #6Last two copies just sold - THANKS!

SUPERDOPE #5 -- Another large issue from 1992, this one with interviews with the NIGHT KINGS, THOMAS JEFFERSON SLAVE APARTMENTS and FLY ASHTRAY. Dozens and dozens and dozens of reviews and lots of alcohol talk. $6 US, $7 to Canada and $8 US to the rest of the world.

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