Wednesday, January 30, 2008


This 1958 barnburner came out as the A-side of a 45 in a long, looong string of 45s by THE CADILLACS, one of the more celebrated doo-wop/early R&B groups. What little I know about them and have heard from them hasn’t, to date, impressed me all that much – particularly when matched against this total screamer, which complements anything from LITTLE RICHARD, BUNKER HILL, SCREAMIN’ JOE NEAL and THE PINETOPPERS quite nicely. It’s available on a couple of Cadillacs comps out there, and I found mine on an old “Savage Kick” or “Desperate Rock And Roll” LP, I forget which now that I’ve sold it off. Here it is in its digitized glory – go to it!

Play or Download THE CADILLACS – “Holy Smoke Baby”

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Anonymous said...

AHHHH....c'mon...what about "Speedo"?